Certificate Management and Verification Blockchain System

If your organization issues certificates, transcripts or any documents, you may consider bringing them to Themis, which is a global Blockchain system and the system of truth for authentic documents.


Introducing Themis

Today, professional certificate-issuing organizations still largely rely on paper certificates, which is problematic as they could easily be lost, worn off, damaged, or simply forged. As such, Themis has driven and adopted Blockchain technology to transform the certificate-issuing industry, and strengthen the certificate management and validation processes.

Themis is a fast, simple and secure Blockchain platform, enabling organizations to issue digitized certificates for awarding their participants on their achievements and accomplishments. Individuals can share their credibility digitally, anytime and anywhere by using Themis’ built-in certificate management system. All certificates are digitally signed, recorded on the global Blockchain ledger for ensuring their immutability and authenticity.

Introducing Themis

Escalate Your Program Value with Verifiable Digital Certificates

All certificates are permanently stored on the Themis Blockchain ledger. They are traceable and verifiable, allowing your program participants to present their credentials and achievements anytime, anywhere, and turning your certificates into a referral marketing tool for your program.

Customization of Certificates

Framing with a customizable setting, Themis enables you to create your own certificate templates from scratch, or use some existing templates in the library, polish your design and customize dynamic fonts for recipient names and course titles.

Introducing Themis
Introducing Themis

An Intuitive Interface Embedded with Automatic Issuing Processes

With Themis’ user-friendly administrator interface, you can utilize the spreadsheet uploader to import multiple batches of recipients or enter individuals, significantly reduce the processing time of certificate creation.

Backed by Blockchain Technology

No more counterfeit certificates. Themis offers you the ability to make your credentials tamper-proof on the blockchain, protecting your certificates from fraud by applying advanced cryptographic techniques.

Introducing Themis
Introducing Themis

Seamless Integration to Your Existing System

Easy integration of Themis by APIs with your existing software. Both systems can be operated at the same time for different purposes that save time at issuing, sending and verifying certificates.


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